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MK Luxury Group

It was our job to create the new, overarching MK Luxury Group parent brand. We developed the MKLG story, while simultaneously refining the child brands to hold together AND shine independently under its wings.

The launch of MKLG was driven by significant changes in the type of streamlined processes that today’s manufacturing and distribution of goods demand. MKLG restructured their communication with partners through the development of the diamond jewelry industry’s must dynamic, digital interfacing, inventory tool. The highly visual and product-specific platform, built out by DD, keeps buyers up-to-date, instantly replenishes products as they’re sold, and presents viewable and downloadable marketing assets across each of MKLG’s programs. The comprehensive set of marketing assets feed the jewelry retailers, who not only want, but need this kind of highly visual and rich content to sell to their end customers.

Project Roles:

  • Identity Development
  • Systematic Brand Expansion
  • Retail Platform Design
  • Application Build-Out
  • Print Collateral
  • Sales Presentations
  • Promotional Graphics
  • Trade Show Booth Design
  • Interior Graphic Design
  • Marketing Messaging
  • Copywriting
  • Creative Consulting
  • Website Design

MKLG came to DD to create, roll-out and sustain the brand and marketing aspects of their new system of buyer deliverables. Retailers need to be in front of their customers with product displays and marketing assets that differentiate them in the high-quality diamond jewelry retail marketplace. By investing in their brand and the creation of marketing assets designed specifically for their retailers to utilize to connect with their own customers, MKLG has established real differentiation as a manufacturer. MKLG retailers experience better customer engagement and faster sales. Greater profitability for their partners, ultimately drives the continued growth of MKLG.

Design Design continues to support MKLG’s roll out of new programs and the consistency of its four brands, as MKLG forges the way for a more technology-driven, and visually compelling, diamond jewelry industry.

Under the MKLG umbrella lives: the 4-decade-strong, MK Diamond classic jewelry design and manufacturing brand; the next-generation Millennial-driven, JustDesi brand; the long-standing, classic bridal NATALIE K diamond jewelry brand; and the customizable and location-specific Coordinates Collection.