We are designers, creators, storytellers, strategists, and slightly neurotic perfectionists who love helping businesses expand and thrive. Whether building a brand from the ground up with a logo and color system, establishing a profound website presence, or developing compelling messaging for direct mail campaigns, our team expertly crafts unique solutions that cater to the individual needs of each client. We believe great design is more than just the visual – it's a perfect blend of creativity, technical ingenuity, and strategic planning to produce the perfect user experience.

Meet the Team

Erika Bove - art director

Erika Bove

ART DIRECTOR Erika is not only responsible for directing the design and marketing team, but also has a strong focus on business development. With a background in graphic and web design, and extensive marketing experience, Erika meets with our clients to establish new projects and to discover what marketing and design tools are best suited to growing their business.
Lauren Galloway - marketing manager and copywriter


Marketing Manager
& Copywriter
Ashley Wilkinson - graphic and web designer


Graphic &
Web Designer
Mark Rutt - graphic and web designer


Graphic &
Web Designer
Michelle Ray - graphic and web designer

Michelle Ray

Graphic &
Web Designer
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